Artistic Director
Margot Staerk
Heinzenstr. 16
52062 Aachen
Tel./Fax: 0241/23293
Company Manager
Ben Scheffler
Guaitastr. 8
52064 Aachen
Tel.: 0241/38535
TAC is the dance company
of the Tanzwerkstatt Aachen e.V.
Löhergraben 22
52064 Aachen
Tel.: 0241/38383
Fax: 0241/ 36677





     the dancers




Companie TAC

After the corps de ballet of the Aachen Stadttheater was dismissed at the end of the season 1995/96, former dancers of the city theatre and other freelance dancers decided at the instigation of Yorgos Theodoridis to found the Company TAC.

The Company's own choreographers are Yorgos Theodoridis and Erika Winkler, who have both over the last few years successfully presented their works in Aachen. Their aim is to build up an internationally acknowledged company with a contemporary repertoire created by renown choreographers.

The Company TAC has joined the Tanzwerkstatt Aachen e.V., responsible for its management.

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