amnesia's landscape





The fading of Memory turns always into a new story. The piece AMNESIAS'LANDSCAPE by YUMENOATO is inspired by a fragmented remembrance within Space, Architecture, Literature. Since 2004 YUMENOATO are dedicated to enact the dialoge with chosen places that lost a former identity or intent.
These places tell much and hide a lot. Some wander, others wait. During our fieldwork, all the fragments that have exited their original story - the single dots on the map, the words, the shapes, the movement, the sound - enter a single playground: AMNESIAS'LANDSCAPE.

It is a spiritual research about the omnipresence of death in life.










Opposed to the stringency of film, the exhibition constitutes of many parallel situations.
For exhibiting inside an art space simply 6 to 12 monitors are needed.
For a webbased exhibition an infinite number of takes form a virtual circle or ribbon of two rows. The traveler can choose the spinning direction or to dive close into scenes or from scene to scene – in the total view all sounds from visible takes are audible from left to right, creating a navigable soundscape. A further layering moment comes into effect through long visual dissolves (as in the dance-video); changing sites will overlap scenes for an extended time - three to five scenes can be continuously merged into a landscape of seamless succession - knitting a new story of text+sound, space+movement, memory+association. Scenes vary between 10-20min, dissolves are about 2-3min. The number of scenes will grow as our work continues.

Gyohei Zaitsu, dance
Goetz Rogge, visuals
Andreas Froeba, sound